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About Me

Leaping Froggy Home Daycare

4 out of 5 star NC license rating 

Our License ID # 92003431

Hello, my name is Yelena Betts and I own and operate a licensed home daycare in Holly Springs, North Carolina. I am C.P.R. and first aid certified, and 7 Point Teacher Certificate with Early Childhood Education Associate Degree from Wake Tech. In addition, I have a BA in History and Science from Russia where I was an Elementary School teacher for nine years.   

In July 2015, I opened my home and began caring for two children.  My primary goal is to help other parents raise healthy and happy children by putting my energy into helping the children to feel safe, happy, loved, to bolster self-confidence and trust.

The most common questions asked by new parents visiting my daycare is, "How do you manage to take care of so many kids each day, while we are have a hard time with just one."  My answer is, "Everybody is good at something and I am excellent at caring for children."  I have worked with kids from age 0 to 12 and from 12 to 18. With all my experience I decided to take a leap to start my own daycare and focus on a small group of children and share with them my +20 years of education experience with them. 

Additionally, I have raised two wonderful children, age of 30 and 28, whom I am very proud of.  



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